Paul Duijzings, photographer   Photovision Photography has been founded by Paul Duijzings, a self-taught and over 30 years active photographer. It is an initiative striving for adding mental, emotional and spiritual value to the impact of visual impressions.

To reach this goal Photovision Photography makes use of basic, fundamental and minimal visual elements presented to us by nature, society and humanity. The combination of such visual elements with words, poems and expressions of any kind create a symbiosis and make the spectator aware in many different ways.

All this, in combination with the fundamental reflection on definition, position and influence of photographic art in our society, makes this website to a platform of visual innovation and "seeing with other eyes".

In this way photovision photography tries to illustrate and facilitate the process of "looking beyond the superficial layers" of visual impressions, giving creativity, intuition and inspiration a chance in everyone in search for new insights. In this way making the world a richer place by touching the heart of the spectator.

design / webediting: Michiel de Boer

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